Is it Safe to Mount a New TV On My Own?

Planning on getting a new television, or already bought one to put up soon? A new TV can be one exciting prospect, with every TV coming out nowadays offering superior video and audio quality with thinner profiles and lighter weights. While you might be excited about getting your new television, one thing is going to stand in the way of enjoying it – and that is mounting it to the wall so you can finally start watching it.

Can you do this safely or on your own, or is this something you should be thinking about bringing in the professionals for? Mounting a TV can be done as a DIY job, but you should be careful through the process to ensure you don’t drop the television or even worse, hurt yourself. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind if you plan to do it on your own.

Find the stud first – you don’t want to risk dropping the new TV before you get a chance to even turn it on.

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Always make sure you kill any live electricity before you begin mounting the television. Drilling into the wall could result in hitting a power line, and this could result badly if done while the power is still on.

Always have help if needed! Televisions are only getting lighter, but they can still be heavy. Have some help on hand to make sure you can lift it safely without dropping it.

Need a hand with getting that brand new television up on the wall so you can begin enjoying your favorite films and shows once more, in glorious high definition? If you don’t feel comfortable taking care of this task on your own, you can always hire a handyman near me in portland, or to help you get your new TV mounted and ready for viewing, safely. Once it’s up, you can go back to watching all of your favorite shows once more, nice and comfortable in your own home.