Reasons Why You May Need an Emergency Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is not something anyone hopes for but it becomes necessary when a tooth is severely damaged and unrepairable. Sometimes you’ll need an extraction immediately, even during unconventional days and hours. For such occasions, you need an emergency tooth extraction clinton. When should you visit an emergency dentist for an extraction?

1- Extreme Toothache

Not every toothache requires an extraction but a severely impacted tooth certainly will. When all efforts to minimize the pain of a toothache fail, visit the dentist for relief. He’ll determine the best steps to take to stop the pain now and into the future.

2- Tooth Trauma

Tooth crowding is one of the most common reasons for tooth extraction. Thankfully, this improves a person’s appearance rather than takes from it. Other types of tooth trauma may also require extraction, including disease and cracked teeth.

3- Dental Abscess

An abscess is painful and a sign of an infection of the tooth that needs immediate professional attention. When an abscess does not heal on its own it may cause a tooth infection that results in the need for a tooth extraction. This is something that the dentist can decide based on the severity of the abscess and the infection.

4- Periodontal Disease

Also Called gum disease, periodontal disease is another common reason for a tooth extraction. Visiting the dentist twice per year as recommended by the ADA reduces the risk you’ll develop gum disease and require a future tooth extraction.

emergency tooth extraction clinton

Emergency dentists offer 24/7 service so someone is around any time you may need help. The above circumstances are among the many in which you may need to take advantage of the services offered by an emergency dentist. Reach out when necessary; your oral health is so important you should never take it for granted.