Steps to Help Loved Ones Feeling Suicidal

When someone that you know and love is contemplating ending their life, it can be devastating to think about. There may feel as though there is no way to help them, but you can take some key steps to communicate with them and possibly even keep them from going through with their intentions.


Asking a simple question can be a big opener for communication. Ask how the individual is doing and if they are thinking about suicide. Be direct and supportive, giving them a space to talk about how they are feeling and the emotional pain they are going through.

Be There

Another step to take is to be there for the individual. This can be in several forms, including being on the phone with them or meeting them in person. As long as you show them that you love and support them, you can help them. However, do not make empty promises and be sure to commit to everything you say.

Help Connections

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One way that individuals that connect with others is by going to group therapy sacramento facilities run. These sessions give individuals a space to talk about what they are feeling and establish connections with others within their community. It can be a safe place for them. They can also call support hotlines or use chat services.

Enhance Safety

You may be wondering how you keep an individual safe from themselves, and in this case you should ask. Get background information and figure out how much immediate danger the individual is in. In some cases, you may need to take them to a hospital or contact authority figures.

This can be a tough time for every individual involved, but you can reduce the chance of suicide by taking these steps and reaching out to others.